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The Marquess's Christmas Lily

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The Marquess's Christmas Lily

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  Lord Chastain, darling of the gossip sheets, has seven days to turn a lady's head. Lady Iris, aware of the wager, finds the earl hard to resist.

  As the pair spend time together, Chastain finds his own head turned and Iris discovers you can't believe everything you read.

A Bride for

Lord Albany


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A Bride for Lord Albany
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Lord Ambrose Norfolk believes he has a brain tumor. A seizure at his country estate brings the assistance of a village apothecary. The apothecary not only challenges the diagnosis of a tumor, the man introduces him to a most beguiling woman- his niece, Lady Camellia. Ambrose has been in the darkness so long he can’t imagine a future with the lady who now occupies his every thought. 

Lady Camellia wishes for a life other than one caring for her mother who suffers from Hypochondria. After her uncle’s new patient Lord Norfolk challenges her to take her own advice, she is determined to not only take control of her own life but show Lord Norfolk that he does have a future and it is with her by his side. 

  Lady Lottie is pretty and vivacious. Engrossed in caring for the flowers she loves. Lord Peake is dour, staid, and lacking in the social graces. 

A simple favor proves to both Lady Lottie and Lord Peake that appearances can be deceiving, and a single act of kindness can lead to a lifetime of happiness.

The Gift

Upton Family Series

Christmas at

Kilmeade Hall

Christmas at Kilmeade Hall


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